Join us this Saturday in the navy where we welcome the international women’s day with the hits of the group lungomare.
It also offers special fish and meat menu from 125 kn.
Terms available for reservation:


Surprise your taste buds with wild gilthead (“Queen of the sea”) in traditional dalmatian “mišancija” (a healty combination of wild herbs) at a promotional price of 100 HRK.
*Menu is available during entire week.

Like always, see You in Nava!

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner at Nava Restaurant featuring live performance of the Lungomare musicians.
Book your spot by calling +385 (0) 95 721 0002 or via the reservation form below.
We offer fish and meat menu from 145 kn (20€) per person.
See you at Nava!

Today from 12:00 pm on Christmas menu we offer
Codfish with potatoes and cuttlefish risotto at a promotional price of 45,00 kn.

Every day until 24.12. try different Christmas menu at a promotional price of 45,00 kn.

See you in Nava!

This afternoon, 50th little ones from the kindergarten “Fijolica” was gathered at our traditional Christmas party in Pizzeria Nava.
As a gift for us they organized a beautiful live performance.

We couldn’t receive a better gift, so big thank You to everyone who joined and helped us this morning.

This year we celebrated 10th anniversary of our Christmas party for kindergarten kids and we continue to show our support in 2020. as well.

Vaša “Nava”

Enjoy this weekend in our fall offering.

Served as an appetizer is a Carrot Cream Soup with Apple Chips, as a main dish we serve Pork medallions with homemade gnocchi, kale with cheese and mimosa salad.

Finally, allow yourself to enjoy the Cream in the cup “NAVA” dessert.

See You there! Team Nava ;).

We are continuing the autumn story with new flavours and aromas.

This weekend we serve melon with prosciutto as an appetizer, for the main course a capresse cutlet (chop) and a baked pineapple with ice cream for the dessert.

See You there! Team “Nava”;)

Autumn has arrived, the days are getting shorter, we are losing energy supplies, the sun is decreasing, our immunity is falling and our mood is swinging.

It sounds rather grim, so we encourage you all to turn to what autumn really brings us. Lots of new colours and flavours, fresh air, the murmur of leaves, the gift from the sky in the form of rain, a reminder that any change can be positive because autumn is still the last and most beautiful smile of the year, a source of peace and pleasure.

We invite you to strengthen your immunity this weekend with pumpkin soup, refill your energy with rib eye steak with mussels and sweeten your tooth with the chestnut cubes from our patisserie.